Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dismal & Abysmal: Vice Versa

Since the last post about seven months ago, I've drawn a bunch of ideas for Dismal & Abysmal strips in my sketchbooks; about 60-70 total by last count. Some day I'll hunker down in front of a drawing table (which I don't have yet what with money being the way it is, which is to say, nonexistent) and make these strips real on bristol paper using real pen and ink. But, until then, here's the latest "idea", drawn about an hour ago.

The first panel shows Abysmal standing in front a small spaceship. He says to Dismal, "Witness my new spaceship! With it, I'll explore space and conquer Mars. Those stupid Martians won't know what hit them!" In the second panel, Dismal looks concerned and asks Abysmal, "Will you send for me?" As Abysmal steps into his ship, he replies, "Nah! I've seen enough of your ugly face to last me a lifetime..." Next, a pensive Dismal bares his thoughts ("If I know 'those stupid martians' - and I think I do - Abysmal is in for a rude awakening.") as Abysmal soars into the distance shouting, "So long, sucker!" In the final, large frame, we flash into the near future after Abysmal has reached his destination. In the background, his lonely spaceship rests immobile on the peak of a distant mountain. In the foreground, Abysmal lays helpless, each of his limbs tied with rope leading to four Martians who look uncannily like our friend Dismal (with the exception of the antennae protruding from their heads). One of the Martians declares to his mates, "Alright! When I say 'pull', everybody pull! One...two..." After which, Abysmal cries, "Nooooooooo!!!"

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