Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dismal & Abysmal: To The Moon

I know I said in an earlier post that I wasn't going to upload any more rough strips of Dismal & Abysmal because of their illegibility, but then I realized that nobody's reading this anyway, so who cares?

There's a panel missing from this page and some of the dialogue isn't quite right (not that you can read it, anyway), but the photo of it came out fairly clear (again, I don't have a scanner, so I snap pics of my sketchbook with my digital camera instead). I normally don't like the things I come up with, but I have a special place in my heart for these characters. If I ever do finish that mini-comic I keep talking about, it'll mainly be because I want to see the Dismal & Abysmal strips completed. They might not be that great, but they make me happy.

By the way, in this strip, the characters talk about how cool it would be to go to the moon as they sit admiring its beauty amidst the black sky. When Dismal says it would be impossible for guys like them to go to the moon, Abysmal tells him they could be "the first idiots on the moon" and that he can prove it can happen.
As Dismal replies, "Idiots? Speak for yourself", Abysmal steps away and comes back and straps a string of dynamite around Dismal's chest and pair of goggles over his eyes. Dismal asks him what he's doing, and Abysmal says, "I'm preparing your rockets for take off, buddy!"
Dismal says, "What are the goggles for?", and Abysmal replies, "To protect your eyes from the blast, silly!" as he runs the long fuse far away from Dismal's body.
Dismal says, "Blast?" and then continues, "What's the match for?" To which Abysmal says, simply, "Lift Off!" and drops the match.
The next panel says "BOOM!" to signify that Dismal has either successfully launched to the moon or been blown to pieces. In the next (missing) panel we see that the answer is the latter. Dismal, his body charred and his limbs missing, asks, "What happened? Am I on the moon? I feel like I'm on the moon!" And Abysmal says something like, "No, buddy. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to go back and run some more tests before these rockets will launch successfully."
In the last panel, Dismal - finally realizing that he's been duped once again - says, "Oh, how I hate you." And Abysmal responds, "Really? That's funny, because I'm fairly indifferent to you!"

Ha! Ha! So, you see? This is how comedy works. Ha! Ha! Hahahahahahaha!


Mark Hampton said...

Call me crazy, but I actually like that!

R said...

Well, thanks. Maybe I'll find the time to work on those some day.