Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Dark Man of The Smile That Wouldn't Stop

This is probably only interesting to me, but it's my blog, so fuck you. The sketches above are my immediate impressions of that seedy little character that starred in The Smile That Wouldn't Stop, a true story documented on my other blog called The Lightening Revolt. I'm sure you've already read it, so I won't bother to summarize it here. If you haven't, it'll only take you about five to ten minutes to do so, so go ahead and check it out now.

I originally intended to tell the story in a comic strip in the forthcoming mini-comic, Mystery Ghost Comix, and I wrote down exactly what was said, verbatim, and my impression of what he looked like immediately after it happened. After a while, I'd done nothing with it other than these initial preliminary sketches, so I figured I would tell the story in prose form on that other blog just to get it out there. Judging from public response after it was posted, the world benefited the most from that decision.

Anyway, when I think of that strange man now, this is how I remember him. To me, this is exactly what that little bastard looked like.

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